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Casual Genocide - new update!

2014-12-11 10:43:50 by SadCatStudio



Here is a delicious changelog for Casual Genocide. 

We highly recommend having at least Win 7 and a HTML5-compatible browser (Chrome) when playing. To put it into a useful comparison: a Flash game won't run if you don't have Flash installed. An HTML5 the game will run without any additonal plugins required but can go bananas if you are using browsers that don't support HTML5/WebGL.


- Changed the game version on title screen from 1.01 to 1.02. It wasn't necessary but something had to be put in this section  [;)]


- Rage bug. Holding a mouse button on game no longer prevents the rage from growing. Now rage activates when the bullets start to fly.

If you are experiencing the "black screen" issue we are not sure what is causing it. Hold tight while we figure this out (probably it is something with your graphic card or drivers not being compatible with html5 technology).

Remember you can play Casual Genocide on the following portals:
Newgrounds bit.ly/cage-ng   
Kongregate bit.ly/cage-kg
Gamejolt bit.ly/cage-gj 

Have a glorious stressless week!

- Sad Cat Studio Team


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2014-12-14 08:52:25

I did, and its the exact same thing. Same with all the other upgrades...

SadCatStudio responds:

Oh i can asure you the upgrades are working properly. But it might not be so visible right off the bat because:
Smiles has a fixed HP, which grows with your Session/Total Kills. Basicly the more you killed the more HP will the new one have. So in first minute of playing you won't really feel the diffrence because at this point the Smiles are rather weak, and most weps will OneHitKO them anyway.
Upgrade affects only the damage and are linear but diffrent weps have diffrent DMG formulas. For example, GaussGun dmg = (UpgradeLvl*8)+UpgradeLvl.
So at level 1, Gauss will do (1*8)+1 DMG. Which is 9. But LVL 2 will do (2*8)+2 = 18 dmg. Which is twice more!