Casual Genocide - new update!

2014-12-11 10:43:50 by SadCatStudio



Here is a delicious changelog for Casual Genocide. 

We highly recommend having at least Win 7 and a HTML5-compatible browser (Chrome) when playing. To put it into a useful comparison: a Flash game won't run if you don't have Flash installed. An HTML5 the game will run without any additonal plugins required but can go bananas if you are using browsers that don't support HTML5/WebGL.


- Changed the game version on title screen from 1.01 to 1.02. It wasn't necessary but something had to be put in this section  [;)]


- Rage bug. Holding a mouse button on game no longer prevents the rage from growing. Now rage activates when the bullets start to fly.

If you are experiencing the "black screen" issue we are not sure what is causing it. Hold tight while we figure this out (probably it is something with your graphic card or drivers not being compatible with html5 technology).

Remember you can play Casual Genocide on the following portals:

Have a glorious stressless week!

- Sad Cat Studio Team

CaGe: Casual Genocide v1.1 UPDATE

2014-12-10 08:47:00 by SadCatStudio


Hello! We hope you are having fun with CaGe so far :)


- CaGe is also on GameJolt and Kongregate now. If you are enjoying our game - please support us on those portals as well.

- Fixed "weapon selection firing bug"

- Rare glitch when Audio plays but no Visuals are seen is directly connected wtih Firefox outdated HTML5 support. We can't do anything about it but you can by trying out a different browser (Chrome).

- GFX Artifacts, display slowdown bugs. As mentioned above, switch to Chrome. Opera has almost none existent HTML5 support, Firefox has it but very aged and neglected. We hope the two will catch up to date one day.


Please, review our game! Don't be afraid to use harsh words. Be true and honest. As I remarked yesterday to one of you: "The thing any artist fears the most, is not "whistling" and "Boooo"-ing. It's the silence. Lack of feedback. We are incredibly happy when we watch viewcount growing like on steroids, but without you guys commenting and reviewing they are all just empty numbers. Even if your review, feedback would consist of one short sentence - say it, write it. Your feedback is our fuel. And we need a lot of that now. Our agenda is to deliver brand new game each and every 2-3 weeks and we need to feel "you're here".

Best Regards!

Casual Genocide is on Kongregate!

2014-12-09 18:44:14 by SadCatStudio














We just expanded our fields of happiness making Casual Genocide available to play for free on Kongregate . Make sure to check the updated version! Perhaps some day we gonna make a Sad Cat Kongpanion...

Link to Kongregate:

And here are other links: 

Enjoy & have a spectacular day!

CaGe - Casual Genocide! Is here! :D

2014-12-08 19:07:11 by SadCatStudio

Paint your screens red and green :)

Good evening/morning! Let me just drop this here… #sadcat #goes #casual #indiedev #gamedev #indiegamedev

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